Original Family Poetry

By Alan T. Stokes (Chronological Order)

Like the Spider (3/9/1989)
Just the Driver in the Car (3/9/1989)
Stuffed Animal (5/5/1994)
I Promise (12/29/1994)
Our Inheritance (10/18/1997) In Memory of Jewel Hogan
Our God Hears (10/25/1997)
Flowers for God's Home (12/1/1997) In Memory of Lenora Dawson
The Slow Goodbye-Alzheimer's (12/13/1997) In Memory of Hazel Bates
His Holocron (10/12/1998) For Matt Trease
A Pastor's Love (8/13/2000) For Rev. Steve Hoffman
This Old House (8/23/2000)
Go (1/9/2001)
Others (9/29/2001)
My Golden Retriever (10/1/2001)
Autumn Shadows (10/2/2001)
Minnesota Twins Pastime (11/8/2001)
God's Care in the Air (11/19/2001)
If (12/20/2001)
The Fire's Reward (1/1/2002)
The Sea and Me (3/3/2002) In Honor of Bill and Mary Dunman
Hunger (4/14/2002)
A Cat I Will Smooch (4/26/2002)
Tiny Stuff (8/22/2002)
March on for the Children (10/30/2002) In Honor of Major Robert Mueller
The Problem in Life (10/31/2002)
Fatherhood (6/12/2005) In Honor of Jonathan Stokes

Henry and Treva Stokes

By Treva E. Stokes* (1912-1980)

After the Sunset
Goodbye to Youth
The Goodly Road
Hidden Dreams
Hold High the Torch! (1949)
I Pluck a Rose for You  For Ducky
If Ever
Just a Mom
Just Around the Bend
Keep Looking Up
Letter to a Friend (1939)
Light a Candle
The Little Schoolhouse (1950)
Nature's Song
Of Dad

*Treva Stokes was the beloved paternal grandmother of Alan Stokes.

By Rhonda Dragomir

The Bend in the Lane (8/25/2001) - In Memory of Thomas Johnson

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