Sunday, June 3, 2018

Night Duty

When day has spent her justly time
And night has come at last
I am weary and footsore
And think my duties past.

Then on my pillow, soft and cool
My head I long to lay
So I make plans, as shoes slip off
To swiftly hit the hay.  

Yet ere I reach my haven sweet
To get much needed rest,
A loud cry, "Drink Mom," in my ears
   puts my nerves to a test.

I totter in with glass in hand
And stumble o'er the toys
That should have been in proper place
Yet boys will e're be boys.

As I dispose of each tiny car
or block, until the dawn,
I can't help think, with heavy heart--
How I'll miss our boys when they're gone.

By Treva E. Stokes (1912-1980)

To Marie Haynes

Could I, with this pen, convey to you, dear Marie,
Not of my liking, but my love- no less.
Of what your warm friendship's come to mean to me.
And that it's brought me a genuine happiness?
Would that I could but find the words, dear one,
To tell how you're endeared within my heart.
Tho I have other friends, it's really true
That you are something special, set apart.
Oft times the skys seem, oh so grey,
And I feel so lonely, sad, and blue-
That is when I need most of all, dear friend,
An understanding soul like you.
So I will not wait until the curtain falls, dear one
For either you or me.
But, I must need write now these hurried lines
Of my love for you, for you to see.

By Treva E. Stokes (1912-1980)

4th of July Parade

We come early to get just the right place
And we wait as people file in around our space.
All the time praying the rain will not come,
Because Dad left the umbrella at home.

Miniature American flags were given away,
But the little boy didn't have anything to say,
He just took the flag and waved it around,
As he took in the new sights and sounds.

There will be many more parades for a boy,
But may the parades of his life be full of joy,
And as a child marches on to become a man,
May his steps all fit with God's perfect plan.

By Alan T. Stokes   
July 4, 2007

This poem was written after Jonathan Stokes went to his first parade. The parade was held in Lansing at the Capital of the State of Michigan.