Friday, September 5, 2014

Our Inheritance

I dreamed that the Lord came by my bedside
And took me far away.
On a tour of Heaven.

Everywhere I looked my eyes
Saw the beauty of precious jewels
As abundant as the grass of the earth.

Everywhere I walked my ears heard 
A mighty chorus of voices praising God
As constant and tireless as the waves of the ocean.

All around me,
I could feel tremendous peace and love
For there was no darkness, disappointments, disabilities, nor death.

Then Jesus held me close and said, "Your room here is almost finished."
But suddenly I grew concerned, and tears came to my eyes,
As I realized how unfinished the rooms for my loved ones were.

"This world is cruel and mean, will they be okay?, "I said.
Then Jesus took my hand and tenderly smiled as he reminded me,
"Honey, you aren't the only who loves them you know.

I am the power behind those prayers.
I am the joy behind your laughter and smile.
I am the strength behind your work.

I am the grace behind your compassion.
I am the wisdom behind your counsel.
I am the spirit behind your commitment and dedication.

I am the light behind your path.
I am the hope behind your faith.
I am the life behind your life.

The inheritance you have given them is Me."
So then I woke up from my dream and as usual,
My fear was gone and the Lord had the last word.

By Alan T. Stokes  October 18, 1997    
For Jewel Hogan at her funeral  (1904-1997)