Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My Favorite 40 iPhone Apps of 2013

It's time for our 4th Annual blog post on my favorite iPhone Apps.

This year we have alphabetized the list of app names that are returning and put on the top of the list the new apps. For the second year in a row I am using an iPhone 5.
9 Apps New to the list in 2013
BillMinder: I use this App to record when I pay recurring bills and to monitor contact information related to it.

BlogGo. This app helps me do some specialized editing of my Blogger blogs on my phone. I also use the official Blogger app, but BlogGo has some different options.

Craigslist Pro: This app helps me monitor Craigslist postings to buy or sell items in my local area. It has a nice feature where alerts can be sent to items that I am especially tracking.

EZ Receipts: This app is used to submit flexible spending health care receipts or claims to WageWorks. All I have to do is take a picture with my phone of the receipt and submit it electronically to their office.

Find My FriendsAfter they give permission, this app allows me to be able to see the exact GPS location of friends or family member's phone at anytime (one assumes the individual is near the phone). It is great information when one wants to occasionally check on loved ones.

Journal for Evernote. This app improves Evernote by allowing one to add to a note throughout the day and then it syncs with Evernote at the end of the day into one note for the day.

Roku. This app serves as a remote control to my Roku on my television. It's perfect for when I have temporarily misplaced the original remote control for the Roku.

Voxer. This app turns my iPhone into a walkie talkie and talk to friends.

The Weather Channel. This weather app replaced AccuWeather on my phone in 2013. I use it to monitor the weather from my phone.

3 Returning Apps from the 2011 list who missed 2012.
Car Minder Plus: This is the app that I use to track car repairs and it serves as a gasoline log on my vehicle.

Google Search. This app helps me search the Internet on my phone.

Yahoo Sports I used this app when it was formerly called Yahoo! Sportacular and in 2013 it was rebranded as simply Yahoo Sports app. This allows me to track the scores of sports events and standings of my favorite teams from my phone. I have tried other sports apps and keep returning to this as the only one I use.
28 Returning Apps from the 2012 list.
Blogger. This is the official Blogger app that I use to review or update my blogs in conjunction with BlogGo (see above).

Chase Mobile.   This app helps me do my banking through my phone.

Chrome. This app helps me use the Chrome browser on phone for web surfing.

Conquest. This is an app to a game that is like Risk but with dozens of different worlds. It is the only game I play on my phone.

Drudge Report. This app provides links to news articles.
Evernote. This app helps me write and organize notes that are synced and saved in my online Evernote account.

Facebook. This is the official Facebook app that helps me use Facebook on my phone.

GedViewThis app allows me to save my genealogy information on my phone.

GMail.  This app is the official GMail app and I use it to check my email.

Google Maps. The app serves as my personal GPS.

Google+.  This app is how I access the Google+ social media from my phone.

Group: SMS, MailI use this to organize my contact information instead of the standard Apple iPhone app.

The Holy BibleThis app is how I can read and search through the Bible from anywhere.

Jot Not Scanner Pro.  I use this app as a scanner and can turn photos into pdf documents which I can email to someone or save to Evernote.

Lifelock Wallet. This app was formerly called Lemon but went through a name change and significant update in 2013. I use it to be able to store copies of various cards that are in my wallet.

List Master. This is the go to app for keeping special lists on my phone.

MedCoach Medication Reminder. I use this app to track when I take pills when I need to remember the last time I took a certain prescription or vitamin.

MLive. This app provides access to my favorite source for news in Michigan.

MyStuff2. This continues to be the app that I use to store an inventory of goods in my home.

NetflixThis allows me to watch shows from Netflix on my phone.

Pocket Informant.   This app is my official calendar that our family shares to track important dates. It also serves as a "ToDo" list and has been upgraded significantly in 2013.

Pocket Prayer Pro - A Prayer Journal. This is a prayer journal that I can keep on my phone.

QRReader. I use this app to scan QR codes from my phone.

Shopper.  This is the app I use to share shopping lists with my wife.

Tune In Radio. This app helps me to listen to thousands of radio stations around the world from my phone.

TwitterThis is the official Twitter app that allows me to use Twitter on my phone.

University Reformed Church This is my church's app that allows me to access sermons and other church related information.

YouTube. This app helps me watch YouTube videos from my phone.

The 2012, 2011 and 2010 lists are still available on The Light Stop blog by clicking the Label "IPhone". 

Monday, February 4, 2013

Top Super Bowl Ad of 2013

I think the best Super Bowl advertisement for 2013 was Dodge Ram's "So God Made a Farmer". The commercial is a tribute to farmers and features the voice of the legendary Paul Harvey (1918-2009).

My pastor wrote this short analysis of the top commercial via Twitter.
Here is more feedback on the Dodge commercial.

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