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Ancestors of Alan Stokes - Generation F

Ancestors of Alan Thomas Stokes


Paternal  Great Great Great Grandparents


Kinchen Stokes was born in 1780, in Virginia to Christopher Stokes and Jane Davis . He married Nancy Newsom on December 13, 1802, in Rowan County, North Carolina. They moved to Tennessee to start their young family. He died on October 3, 1863, in Tennessee.

Nancy Newsom was born in 1782, in North Carolina to Lewis Newsom and Mildred Vick . She died on July 4, 1868, in Tennessee.


  1. Susan Stokes 22223a (1805-1863) Susan Stokes was born in 1805, in Virginia. Susan Stokes married Ignatius F. Woods. They had 4 children: Unknown (b. 1825), Louisa Jane Woods (b. 1827), Mary Ann Woods (b. 1829) and Sophronia Woods (b. 1831). Susan Stokes died in 1863, in Bedford County, Tennessee.
  2. Mary Ann Stokes 22223b (1808-Before 1863). Mary Stokes was born in 1808. She married Edward Smith. They had the following children: Jasper Newton Smith (b. 1828); Caroline Smith (b. about 1830); Nancy Ann Smith (b. 1833); and Mary Elizabeth Smith (b. 1836). Mary Ann Stokes died before 1863.
  3. John Mumford Stokes 22223c (1814-1878). John Mumford Stokes was born on September 15, 1814. He married Rebecca Gant (1812-1875). They had the following children: Anne Stokes (b. 1838), Horatio Kinchen Stokes (b. 1842), Henry Clay Stokes (b. 1844), Micajah C. Stokes (b. 1848), Southern C. (Suds) Stokes (b. 1850), William George Stokes (b. 1852), and Sallie Stokes (b. unknown). After Rebecca Gant died (August 12, 1875), John Mumford Stokes married a lady named Nannie (1848-1910). They had a daughter named Lucy Stokes (b. 1877). John Mumford Stokes died on August 5, 1878, and is buried in the Stokes Cemetery in Tennessee.
  4. Elizabeth Jane Stokes 22223d (1816-1888). Elizabeth Jane Stokes married Thomas Jefferson Brown.
  5. Micajah Stokes 22223e (b. 1823). Micajah Stokes married a lady named Sarah (b. 1833). They had the following children: Sarah Stokes (b. 1851), Mary Stokes (b. 1853), Lucinda Stokes (b. 1855), Kinchen Stokes (b. 1858), and David Stokes (b. 1859).
  6. THOMAS NEWTON STOKES 22223f (1825-1877) Direct Descendent - See Generation E.


Col. John Audland Moore was born on September 28, 1798, in Rowan County, North Carolina. On April 1, 1823, he married Nancy Yell.  He died on July 11, 1868, in Bedford County, Tennessee.

Nancy Yell was born on July 13, 1803, in Jefferson (Dekalb County), Tennessee. On April 1, 1823, she married John Audland Moore. Nancy Yell died on March 27, 1883.

  1. Frances Elizabeth Moore 22233a (1829-1901) Direct Descendent-See Generation E.
  2. Mary Catherine Moore 22233b (b. 1833)
  3. James A. Moore 22233c (b. 1835)
  4. Archibald G. Moore 22233d (1838-1915). Archibald Moore was born Aug. 3, 1838, in Bedford County, Tennessee. He married Mattie J. Tune, who was born on January 27, 1849, in Bedford County, Tennessee. Archibald G. Moore died on June 11, 1915, in Bedford County, Tennessee.
  5. John F. Moore 22233e (b. 1841) John F. Moore was born in 1841 in Tennessee.
  6. Nancy C. Moore 22233f (b. 1844)
  7. Andrew Moses Moore 22233g (1846-1910). This was taken from the Shelbyville (Tennessee) Gazete, January 20, 1910. Dr. Andrew Moses Moore, a surgeon in the U.S. Navy, retired, died January 12, 1910 in Naples, Italy. Born in Bedford County near Shelbyville in 1845. His wife, former Miss Jennie Nixon Fite, daughter of Jacob C. Fite and Mary Coldwll Fite, was with him at his d e a t h. Burial in Naples, Italy. In the process of research this e-mail message was received from the Ulysses S. Grant Association regarding Dr. Andrew Moses Moore.

"Dear Alan T. Stokes, All we have about Dr. Andrew M. Moore, without checking intensively, is information that on March 29, 1869, Grant sent a message to the Senate nominating Moore as assistant surgeon. This was his initial appointment in the Navy. If you are successful in finding out more about Dr. Moore, please share the information with us. We are always eager to enhance our resources. John Y. Simon Ulysses S. Grant Association Morris Library Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Ill. 62901"

Joseph Bomar was born on March 6, 1825, in Bedford County, Tennesse to Elijah Bomar and Frances Harris . He died on January 6, 1897.

Frances "Fannie" Hurt was born on November 12, 1827 in probably Bedford County and died on April 19, 1902, in Beford County, Tennessee.


  1. Mary C. Bomar 22323a (1851-1909). Mary Bomar was born in 1851 and died in 1909. She married a William H. McGee.
  2. Joseph Henry Bomar 22323b (b. 1853). Joseph Henry Bomar was born in 1853 in Tennessee.
  3. William J. Bomar 22323c (b. 1855). William J. Bomar was born in 1855 in Tennessee.
  4.  Eliza J. Bomar 22323d (b. 1858). Eliza J. Bomar was born in 1858 in Tennessee.
  5.  Mary C. Bomar 22323e  
  6.  John Thomas Bomar 2232 (1860-1935) Direct Descendent - See Generation E.
  7.  Fannie Hannah Bomar 22323f (b. 1863). Fannie Bomar was born in 1863 in Tennessee.
  8.  Robert Bomar 22323g (b. 1867). Robert Bomar was born in 1867 in Tennessee.
  9.  Ursala Bomar 22323h (b. 1869). Ursala Bomar was born in 1869 in Tennessee.

Tillman Tennessee Moore was born on May 20, 1827, in Bedford County, Tennessee to Green M. Moore and Sarah Cooper. There marriage date is unknown but they were listed as a household in the 1850 census and lived next door to Green M. Moore household. Tillman Moore died on January 6, 1883, in Bedford County, Tennessee.

Mary Frances Holt was born on March 6, 1833, in Bedford County, Tennessee to Henry Holt and Elizabeth McGuire. She died on March 18, 1915, in Bedford County, Tennessee.


Edward Bell Woten was born on September 21, 1823, in Jackson County, Ohio to Samuel Woten and Hethy Hughes. He married Mary E. Porter on May 24, 1848 in Indiana. Aftter his wife Mary Porter died in 1861 he married Mary M. Hunter on July 26, 1863 in Jay County, Indiana (Mary M. Hunter was born on March 7, 1832 in Vermillion County, Illinois). Edward Bell Woten had served as a private in the Civil War. He died on October 26, 1908 and is burried in the Salmonia Cemetery in Jay County, Indiana. The following is a photo of his grave submittd to Find a Grave.

Mary E. Porter was born in 1833 in Randolph County, Indiana to George Porter and Elizabeth Steel. She married Edward B. Woten on May 24, 1848 in Indiana. Mary E. Porter died on July 17, 1861, in Jay County, Indiana. Her Find a Grave site has more information on her.

  1. Elizabeth H. Woten 23323a (1851-1880)
  2. George Washington Woten 23323b (1850-1886). George Washington Woten was born on March 30, 1850 in Indiana and died in 1886 in Chicago. 
  3. Samuel V. Woten 23323c (1853-1855)
  4. Sarah J. Woten 23323d (b. 1857)
  5. Isaac Gilruth Woten 2332 (1860-1943) Direct Descendent - See Generation E
Edward Woten had 5 more children with his second wife Mary Hunter for a total of 8 children. 

  1. Edward Frank Woten 23322f (1864-1871)
  2. John Wesley Woten 23322g (1866-1930)
  3. Nathan Benjamin Woten 23322h (1869-1891)
  4. James Harlin Woten 23322i (1873-1890)
  5. Flora Bell Woten Farber 23322j (1873-1953)


Johann was born on April 1, 1828, in Wirlenberg, Germany. Johann married Maria Catherine Motteller on October 1, 1853, in Union County, Ohio. Johann George Mast died on March 23, 1909, in Jay County, Indiana.

Maria was born in April, 1832, in Wirlenberg, Germany. Maria married Johann George Mast on October 1, 1853, in Union County, Ohio. Maria died before 1870, in Union County, Ohio.

Maternal Great Great Great Grandparents

(B. about 1788-D. about 1868)
John P. Ebersol was born about 1788 and died about 1868. John's parents were Jacob Ebersole and Unknown . He married an Elizabeth Minich. (Source: E162 Database). They lived in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania.

Elizabeth Minnich was born in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Elizabeth's father was John Minnich .


Henry Shook was born on January 22, 1818 in Pennsylvania and died on November 23, 1884. He is buried in Zion Lutheran Cemetery in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania.

Charlotte Goodman was born on February 24, 1815 in Pennsylvania. She died on February 5, 1900 in Pennsylvania. She is buried in Zion Lutheran Cemetery in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania.


Thomas Gamble was born on Aug. 2, 1824, in Groveland, Livingston, New York to David Gamble and Rebecca Carrell. At some point as a young man he moved to Michigan to start his young family in Hillsdale County. His occupation was as a farmer in Somerset Township of Hillsdale County in Michigan. He married Rebecca Kuder about 1845, in Hillsdale, Michigan. His name is listed on the bottom of page 494b of the 1850 Census of Hillsdale County, Michigan . Thomas Gamble died on Nov. 25, 1892 and is buried in Pease Cemetery in Wheatland Township, Michigan.

Rebecca Kuder was born on Sept. 19, 1827, in New York to John Kuder and Catherine Lorish. Rebecca married Thomas Gamble about 1845, in Hillsdale, Michigan. Rebecca Gamble is listed on the top of page 495a of the 1850 Census of Hillsdale County, Michigan . Rebecca Kuder died on April 13, 1916, in Somerset, Michigan and is buried in Pease Cemetery in Wheatland Township, Michigan.


  1. Edward Frank GAMBLE (Frank) 33233a (1848-1905). Edward Frank Gamble was born on Nov. 11, 1848, and died on Feb. 12, 1905.
  2. Sarah Catherine GAMBLE (Kate) 33233b (1850-1918). Sarah Catherine Gamble was born May 17, 1850, in Somerset Township, Hillsdale County, Michigan. She was known as Kate. She married Amos H. ROSIER in 1866. She and Amos Rosier had two children: 1. Nettie Adelaide ROSIER (born Dec. 25, 1867 and died Feb. 7, 1917), 2. Clarence ROSIER (born Aug. 9, 1872 and died in 1924). After Amos Rosier's death, Kate married Jonas G. Helfield in May, 1910. They had no children. She died on March 1, 1918 in Addison, Lenawee County, Michigan.
  3. Eugene GAMBLE 33233c (1853-1939) Eugene Gamble was born July 4, 1853 He married Ellen Isabella Gregg. He and Ellen Gregg had the following four children: 1. Nina D. GAMBLE( born Aug 1, 1879 and died Sept. 28, 1886). 2. Loretta Naomi GAMBLE (born Dec. 8, 1885 and died Jan. 22, 1916) 3. Zaida Merle GAMBLE (born Oct. 20, 1889 and died Nov. 28, 1938). 4. Marian E. GAMBLE (born Dec. 12, 1891 and died unknown). Eugene Gamble died March 24, 1939.
  4. Clara GAMBLE 33233d (b. 1856). Direct Descendent- See Generation E.


(B. 1803)
John Gifford was born in 1803 in Vermont to William Gifford and Elizabeth. He married Clarissa Walker on September 14, 1826 in Harbor Creek, Erie County, Pennsylvania and they had 9 children. After 1857 when his wife Clarissa died, he moved to Michigan, remarried and had one son, according to Eugene Gifford (Possibly, Ernest, born 1858).

Clarissa Walker was born April 2, 1807. Clarissa Walker married John Gifford on September 14, 1826 in Harbor Creek, Pennsylvania. Clarissa Walker died April 16, 1857 and is buried in South Harbor Creek Methodist Cemetery.


  1. Justus W.H. Gifford 33323a (1828-1855). Justus Gifford was born October 4, 1828 and died March 15, 1855. He is buried in South Harbor Creek Methodist Cemetery.
  2. Milton M. Gifford 33323b (1831-1887). Milton Gifford was born in 1831. He married Mary A. (1839-1910). He was a farmer in the North East township of Erie County, Pennsylvania. He had the following children: Benjamine F. Gifford (b. 1869); Clara B. Gifford (b. 1879); and Albert J. Gifford (b. 1863). All of his children died before their father. Milton Gifford died in 1901 and is buried in South Harbor Creek Methodist Cemetery.
  3. Nancy M. Gifford 33323c (B. abt. 1834). Nancy Gifford was born about 1834. She married a man with the last name Dyke. In 1887, she lived in the town of Farmington, County of San Joaquin, California and had no children.
  4. Albert Gifford 33323d (B. abt. 1836) He lived in California. He was killed by a runaway team. He had one son.
  5. Orson Frank Gifford 33323e (1839-1925). Orson Frank Gifford was born November 28, 1839 in Harbor Creek, Erie County, Pennsylvania. Orson Gifford married Elizabeth Davis on May 3, 1870 in Wattsburg, Erie County, Pennsylvania. Orson Gifford was a Justice of the Peace in Greenfield, Erie County, Pennsylvania and in Findley Lake, Chaut. County, New York for a total of 50 years. Orson Gifford died on May 16, 1925. He is buried in Mina Corners Cemetery in Chautauqua County, New York. They had four children: Clarence Eugene Gifford (1871-1960), Frank Algernon Gifford (1873-1937); Royal Robert Gifford (1875-1942); and Clarissa Charlotte Gifford (1878-1895). Orson enlisted in the 83rd Pennsylvania Volunteers Regiment, Aug. 5, 1861. During the Battle of Gaines Mill, he received a gunshot wound to his left arm disabling his elbow. My father remembered his grandfather would lift his left arm onto the edge of the table which acted as the fulcrum and then he was able to use his left hand. His pension record states that he was 23 years old, 6 ft. 4 in. in height, of light complexion, with black eyes and black hair, when he was discharged. Story from Martha (Gifford) Harris, a great granddaughter of Orson through his son Frank A. Gifford. The following is a photo of Orson Gifford from rootsweb
    Uncle Orson Frank Gifford
  6. Silas Marion Gifford 33323f, 3332 (1841-1885) Direct Descendent - See Generation E.
  7. Mary Suzanne Gifford 33323g (B. abt. 1844). Mary Gifford was born about 1844 and died August 8, 1929.
  8. Louis Gifford 33323h (B. abt. 1846). Louis Gifford was born abut 1846. Louis Gifford lived in California. He was a carpenter.
  9. George B. Gifford 33323i (B. abt. 1849-1917). George Gifford was born about 1849. He married a Lula M. (she was born in 1852). George B. Gifford was a farmer and a Freewill Baptist Preacher. He had 2 sons in oil work in West Virginia and Oklahoma. A grandson, George III was a telegraph operator in Toledo, Ohio. George B. Gifford died in 1917 and is buried in the South Harbor Creek Methodist Cemetery in Erie County, Pennsylvania. His wife Lula M. is also buried there.


Orville Wheelock was born on May 30, 1826 in Pennsylvania to Alden Wheelock and Elsie Morey . Orville Wheelock married Anna A. Cornell on May 1, 1851, in Ionia County, Michigan. He had a daughter named Mary Wheelock on August 14, 1853. Orville enlisted in the Civil War at Jackson, Michigan on September 23, 1861 as a seargeant in Co. K. 8th Reg't Michigan Infantry. On September 9, 1862, Orville Wheelock died in the Battle of Chantilly of the Civil War. He is buried in the Alexandria Military Cemetery in Virginia.

 (D. After 1890) 
Anna A. Cornell married Orville Wheelock on May 1, 1851, in Ionia County, Michigan. She had a daughter named Mary Wheelock on August 14, 1853. It is not known when Anna passed away, but according to information in 3 Jackson, Michigan Directories from 1887-1890, Anna A. Wheelock was living during these years and had her official residence at the address of 711 Blackstone or on the northeast corner of S. Blackstone and W. Biddle in Jackson, Michigan.

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16 Ways to Save Money in 2016.

One of my heroes of the Christian faith, John Wesley said in his The Use of Money sermon in 1744,
"Gain all you can, save all you can, and give all you can."
For me saving money is both a spiritual exercise, a fun hobby, and a way to obtain a tax free raise to support the cost of living.

Here are some ways I came up with to save money in 2016. You don't have to do them all at once and some may not be practical for you at this time in your life. Please leave your suggestions in the comment section of this blog post for additional ways you know of to save money.

1. Give things a second life: Purchase things you need at reduced price from a thrift store, yard sale, or on a resale website like Craig's List.

2. Conserve energy and utilities in your home: Turn the lights off when you leave a room and especially whenever you leave the house, don't turn lights on when sunlight will be sufficient, and turn the thermostat down in Winter and up in Summer a few degrees at night.

3. Rewards Credit Card: Use a money back or rewards credit card to purchase necessary items such as utilities and groceries, as long as you pay it off each cycle before you are charged interest.

4. Couponing: Use paper or electronic coupons when you go out to eat or to the grocery store. Some valuable coupons can be received via email from popular restaurants.

5. Flexible Spending Accounts: If available from your employer, take advantage of a flexible savings account for medical expenses or dependent care expenses during the year.

6. Rewards Programs: Sign up for rewards programs at businesses you frequent and take advantage of discounts and rewards for accumulative spending during the year. Some I have found very lucrative are MPerks at Meijer, Kroger Rewards at Kroger, and Speedy Rewards at Speedway.

7. Gasoline Reduction: Use a free GPS App on your smart phone like Waze or Google Maps to navigate in your car and find the route that is the shortest distance from point A to point B.

8. Purchase Gift Cards and Use them for Regular Spending: Stores like Speedway and Kroger regularly offer bonus points when you purchase gift cards from them. Before buying from a business consider if there is a gift card available for that store where you can get rewards for purchasing, and then use a gift card you bought for yourself to make the purchase. Another way is to purchase gift cards at a discount from the face value at a free smart phone app such as Raise.

9. Cut the Cable Connection: Cut your cable service and watch television with options like Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, or by using an antenna to access free local channels.

10. Find the Cheapest Gas: Use a free App like Gas Buddy to find the cheapest price of gasoline for your vehicle available in your community at any given point in time. Sometimes their can be quite a difference when prices are in a state of changing at different businesses.

11. Groupon: Use Groupon to find discounts of around 40-50% on services and goods. I use them routinely for restaurant coupons and especially oil changes for my automobile.

12. Amazon: Use to purchase some items you need at a discount. If you purchase over $35 of qualifying items in each order you will get free shipping, as long as you can wait about a week to get the goods.

13. Cancel Magazine Subscriptions: Subscribe to Texture or Readily (both are a type of Netflix for Magazines) and read your favorite magazines electronically from a smart phone or tablet.

14. Purchase less Bottled Beverages: Reduce the number of of bottled beverages you purchase each week, and instead drink from a drinking fountain or a filtered water device.

15. Eat Out Less: As expensive as groceries are in 2016, you still usually get more for your money than you ever will by eating meals out at restaurants.

16. Don't Waste Food: Monitor expiration dates on perishable food in your cabinet and refrigerator and make sure you use them up before they become fodder for the trash heap.

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16 Minimalist Ideas for 2016

I believe striving to be a minimalist is a lifelong process to reduce things that clutter life and distract from peace and tranquility. As a Christian I think it is to live by these verses in the Bible

"Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal, but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal (Matthew 6:19-20)."

Here are some steps on the road to being a minimalist that one can try. You don't have to do them all at once and some may not be practical for you at this time in your life.

1. Eliminate 16 pieces of clothing from your wardrobe. 
2. Eliminate 16 files from your paper filing cabinet and put contents into Evernote
3. Eliminate 16 unhealthy foods from your diet. Here is a list of 33 for some ideas. 
4. Unsubscribe from 16 email subscriptions that clutter up your email inbox. 
5. Remove 16 apps from your smart phone. 
6. Get rid (donate, sell, dispose) of 16 unnecessary items from your garage, basement, or attic. 
7. Use a GPS App like Waze or Google Maps to find the shortest route and drive approximately 16 fewer miles per month. 
8. Eliminate 16 pieces of incoming postal mail by removing your name from mailing lists. 
9. Cut your cable service and watch 16 hours less of television per month. 
10. Find 16 types of items you can routinely reduce, reuse, or recycle your consumption of. 
11. Share 16 experiences during the year with people you cherish. 
12. Take 16 pictures over the course of the year of things you like but don't own and don't need to own. 
13. Cancel 16 magazine subscriptions and subscribe to Texture or Readily (both are a type of Netflix for Magazines). 
14. Read 16 books during the year that you can borrow from your public library or a friend. 
15. Set aside $16 per week in a savings account (that's just $2.28 per day) and leave it alone and you will have $832 at the end of the year. Then give that to someone or some organization to bless others in some practical and minimalist way. 
16. Spend 16 minutes per day in prayer for what matters most in your life, because in the end the person who dies with the most toys doesn't win.