Sunday, March 1, 2015

Goodbye to Youth

I cannot capture youth again,
My heart for it crys out in vain
But hears no echoing reply,
Old age is here, and youth's gone by.  

By Treva E. Stokes (1912-1980) 

I Promise

I can not promise your own spacious house,
But I promise where we live will be peaceful.

I can not promise you the weather won't be cold,
But I promise the warmth of my heart will always be near.

I can not promise you treasures of the earth,
But I promise to minister with you for treasures in heaven.

I can not promise us constant good health,
But I promise to give you unconditional love.

I can not promise us perfect children,
But I promise to love and accept our children.

I can not promise we will not have our differences,
But I promise to trust in grace for daily reconciliation.

I can not promise we will always have the same interests,
But I promise to be willing to sacrifice my self.

I can not promise to meet all your needs of life,
But I promise to help you develop vital relationships.

I can not promise my emotions will always be at today's high,
But I promise to always love you and communicate with you.

I can not promise you I will always know the answer,
But I promise to listen to God's Word and to pray.

I can not promise you that our life will always be easy,
But I promise that Christ will be our joy and strength.

I can not promise that we won't change as we grow old,
But I promise to let God mature our love over time.

I can not promise we will together for all our tomorrows,
But I promise I will be with you for all our earthly todays.

I can not promise it won't hurt if death makes us part,
But I promise that the God of eternity will help us carry on.

I can not promise you anything that you can touch,
But I promise you a solid foundation that will last forever.
These three--My LORD, My Faith, and My Love.

Alan Thomas Stokes   December 29, 1994 

For Anne Hostetler on her wedding to me. This poem was printed on the back of our wedding service bulletin.

Top Super Bowl Ad of 2012

I think the best Super Bowl advertisement for 2012 was Best Buy's "Phone Innovators" commercial. The advertisement recognizes the contributions of important innovators in the development of mobile phone technology.

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