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Ancestors of Alan Stokes - Generation E

Ancestors of Alan Thomas Stokes

Generation E

Paternal  Great Great Grandparents


Thomas Newton Stokes was born on Aug. 2, 1825, in Bedford County, Tennessee to Kinchen Stokes and Nancy Newsom. He married Frances Elizabeth Moore on January 7, 1847. He died on March 13, 1877, in Bedford County, Tennessee.

Frances Elizabeth Moore was born on Sept. 17, 1829, in Bedford County, Tennessee to Col. John Audland Moore and Nancy Yell. Frances Elizabeth Moore died in 1901, in Bedford County, Tennessee.

  1. Nancy C. Stokes 2223a (1848-1872). Nancy Stokes was born on Dec. 19, 1848. She married James C. Morton on Dec. 8, 1864 in Bedford County, Tennessee. They had two children: Annie Morton (b. 1866), and Arthur L. Morton (b. 1867). Nancy C. Stokes died on October 13, 1872.
  2. Betty Frances Stokes 2223b (b. 1852). Betty Frances Stokes was born on August 18, 1852. She married Reuben Bomar on Sept. 20, 1868. They had two children: Kate (Chitwood) Bomar (b. 1873), and John Bomar.
  3. James Alexander Stokes 2223c (1854-1924). James Alexander Stokes was born on September 14, 1854 in Bedford County, Tennessee. He married Cleaver C. Christian (1855-1922) on Nov. 4, 1875. They had three children: Edmond Cooper Stokes (b. 1876), Albert M. Stokes (b. 1878), and John W. Stokes (b. 1881). James Alexander Stokes died on February 3, 1924 in Bedford County, Tennessee.
  4. Jane C. Stokes 2223d (b. 1856). Jane C. Stokes was born on September 8, 1856 in Bedford County, Tennessee. Jane Stokes married Henry Jarman on October 11, 1875. They had a son named Ernest Jarman.
  5. Ellen Stokes 2223e (b. 1858). Ellen Stokes was born on October 9, 1858 in Bedford County, Tennessee. Ellen Stokes married J. Oscar Johnson on November 16, 1877. They had one son named J. Oscar Johnson, Jr.
  6. Laura Bell Stokes 2223f (b. 1861). Laura Belle Stokes married Bart T. Brown.
  7. Della Stokes 2223g (b. 1863). Della Stokes married William Chitwood. They had a son named Clifton Chitwood.
  8. Lela Stokes 2233h (b. 1865). Lela Stokes married Jim Spry.
  9. Margaret L. "Maggie" Stokes 2233i (b. 1867). Maggie Stokes married Ike Henry. They had the folllowing children: May, Howard, Argie, Ruth, Reece, and Katie.
  10. Newton A. Stokes 2223j (b. 1869). Newton A. Stokes married Maggie Durham. They had a son named Raymond Stokes. He had a second marriage to Martha (Matt) Hurt. They had a son named Thomas Moncrief Stokes (Reed) in 1912.
  11. THOMAS JEFFERSON STOKES 2223k (1871-1961). Direct Descendant-See Generation D.


John Thomas Bomar was born in 1860, in Beford County to Joseph B. Bomar and Frances "Fannie" Hurt. He died in 1935, in Bedford County, Tennessee. He is buried in the Hollywood Cemetery in Wartrace, Tennessee.

Altona Catherine Moore was born November 7, 1857, in Bedford County, Tennessee to Tillman Tennessee Moore and Mary Frances Holt. She died on December 6, 1927, in Bedford County, Tennessee.

  1. John Thomas Bomar 2233a
  2. Lizzie Bomar 2233b
  3. Wilbur Bomar 2233c
  4. Tom Bomar 2233d
  5. VIOLA EDITH BOMAR 2233e (1884-1948) Direct Descendant-See Generation D.
  6. Joseph Comer Bomar 2233f (1888-1952)
  7. Horace Ira Bomar 2233g (1891-1959). Horace Ira Bomer was born on June 6, 1891 in Bedford County, Tennessee. He married Lydia Katherine Phillips (1892-1918). Horace Ira Bomer died on May 20, 1959 in Bedford County, Tennessee.



Robert Anderson Oakley was born on November 27, 1862 in Auglaize County, Ohio to Henry More Oakley and Nancy Jane Clark. He married Eliza Jane Miller on August 17, 1884 in Van Wert County, Ohio.  After the death of Eliza, Robert Anderson Oakley married her sister Anna Lieulla Miller on October 6, 1904. He died on February 20, 1915 in Van Wert County, Ohio and is buried in the King Cemetery in Midddlepoint, VanWert, Ohio. 

Eliza Jane Miller was born on December 7, 1856 in Allen County, Ohio to Absalom Miller and Rachel Carmean. She married Robert Anderson Oakley on August 17, 1884 in Van Wert County, Ohio. Eliza Jane Miller died in 1899 in Van Wert County, Ohio.

Photo of Robert Anderson Oakley and Eliza Jane Miller with their two boys, Berne and Charles.
(Photo Collection of Susan Ellis)

  1. Berne Carlton Oakley 2323a (1885-1964). Berne Carlton Oakley was born on January 25, 1885. He married Grace Catherine Morrison on October 30, 1910. He had 4 children: Marcile L. Oakley (1913-1995), Ferman A. Oakley (1916-2010), Bonita M. Oakley (1928-1986), and Harold K. Oakley who is living still. Berne Oakley died on October 1, 1964 in Paulding County, Ohio. He is buried in the Mount Pleasant Cemetery in Van Wert County, Ohio. 
  2. CHARLES HENRY OAKLEY 2323b (1888-1942) Direct Descendant-See Generation D. 


Isaac Gilruth Woten was born on March 23, 1860, in Jay County, Indiana to Edward B. Woten and Mary W. Porter. He died Sept. 8, 1950. He was a member of the Trinity Evangelical and Reform Church in Manchester, Ohio at the time of his death.

Ellen Nora Mast was born in 1858 in Union County, Ohio to Johann George Mast & Maria Catherine Motteller. According to a 1910 census from Ohio the mother of Myrtle Woten was referred to as Ellen Woten. Ellen Nora Mast died on April 12, 1936, in Akron, Ohio.

  1. Arlonzo Franklin Woten 2333a (1884-1976). Alonzo (Lonnie) Franklin Woten was known by relatives as Lonnie. He was born on April 27, 1884 in Jay County, Indiana and died on November 6, 1976. He married Lillie Fay Shoop (Born: May 16, 1891, Died: Around March 1977). They had four children: Daisy Lucille Woten, Maggie Luellen Woten, Ezra E. Woten, and Charles Alvy Woten.
  2. Emma E. J. Woten 2333b
  3. MYRTLE WOTEN 2333c (1887-1981). Direct Descendent-See Generation 4.
  4. Jessie Edward Woten 2333d (1890-1974) Jessie Edward Woten was born on April 26, 1890. He maried Lillie Tuckerman. His tombstone says he was a Private in the US Army. He died on January 26, 1974.
  5. Flossie Bell Woten 2333e (1892-1976). Flossie Bell Woten was born on February 27, 1892 in Van Wert County, Ohio. She married Karl Kruger (1896-1989). Flossie Bell Woten died on February 1, 1976 in Akron, Ohio and is buried in the East Liberty Cemetery in Summit County, Ohio.
  6. Walter Daniel Woten 2333f (1894-1944). Walter Daniel Woten was born on June 10, 1894 in Van Wert County, Ohio. He married Stella Ward (1896-1978). Walter Daniel Woten died on April 18, 1948 in Gibson County, Tennessee.

Maternal Great Great Grandparents


Henry Ebersol was born on September 1, 1814 to John P. Ebersol and Elizabeth Minich. He died on May 16, 1891. (Source: E162 Database) Henry married Elizabeth Housewerth about 1846. For more information about Henry Ebersol and his children read an article in the The Story of Prairie Portage on The Henry Ebersole Home by Alma Hartline.

Elizabeth Housewerth was born August 23, 1812. Elizabeth enjoyed quilting. She died January 2, 1893. (Source: E162 Database)

  1. Mary Ebersol 3223a (1847-1888) Mary Ebersol was born in 1847 and died at age 41 in 1888. Mary Ebersol had never married.
  2. DAVID EBERSOL 3223b (1850-1900). Direct Descendent-See Generation D.


(b. 1845)
Joseph Shook was born in 1845 in Pennsylvania to Henry Shook and Charlotte Goodman. He married Ellen Weilman and they had my great-grandmother, Margaret Shook. After Ellen died he married a woman named Catherine.

Ellen Weilman married Joseph Shook. Nothing is known about her life span or her parents.


(B. about 1854)
Jerome Hutchens was born about 1854. Jerome married Clara Gamble on November 24, 1874, in Hillsdale, Michigan. I have been unable to find out who Jerome Hutchens parents were.

(B. 1856) 
Clara was born on April 6, 1856, in Hillsdale, Michigan to Thomas Gamble and Rebecca Kuder. Clara married Jerome Hutchens on November 24, 1874, in Hillsdale, Michigan.

      1. DEVILLO LOVELL HUTCHENS 3323a (1875-1937). Direct Descendent- See Generation 4
      2. Ethelyn Hutchens 3323b (1878-1885). Ethelyn Hutchens was born on January 1, 1878 and died November, 1885.
      3. Catherine Hutchens 3323c (B. 1879). Catherine Hutchens was born October 28, 1879.
      4. Clark Hutchens 3323d (B. 1883). Clark Hutchens was born January 21, 1883.
      5. Iva Hutchens 3323e (1884-1908). Iva hutchens was born on October 2, 1884, in Hillsdale, Michigan. She married John Seamans about 1905. They had two children: Harriet J. Seamans (B. Aug. 18, 1906-Died 1908); Clara K. Seamans (B. April 23, 1908-Died July 8, 1948). Iva Hutchens died on May 6, 1908 in San Jose, California.
      6. Josephine Hutchens 3323f (1888-1951). Josephine Hutchens was born on January 20, 1888 and died on April 5, 1951.


Silas Marion Gifford was born in 1841, to John Gifford and Clara Walker. His granddaughter Doris Hutchens in a personal conversation in the 1980's referred to him only as Marion. Silas Gifford's first wife was Lori M. Smith (b. 1850). After Lori Smith died in 1878, Silas Gifford married Mary "Minnie" E. Wheelock on May 18, 1879, in Ionia County, Michigan. He died in 1885. He had enlisted as a Private in the Civil War on August 27, 1861, with the Company I, 83rd Infantry Regiment Pennsylvania. He was wounded on June 27, 1862, in The battle of Gaines' Mill, Virgina and he was discarged because of wounds on November 24, 1862. He attended a Presbyterian Church and was an active member according to his Granddaughter, Doris Hutchens.

(B. 1853) 
Mary was called by her family by the name Minnie. Mary Wheelock was born on August 14, 1853 in Ionia County, Michigan to Orville Wheelock and Anna A. Cornell. Mary Wheelock married Silas Gifford on May 18, 1879 in Ionia County, Michigan. Minnie Wheelock and Marion Gifford had a daughter Edith Mabel Gifford in 1880, who is my Great Grandma. After Marion Gifford died in 1885, Minnie married Merritt Lowe and they had a daughter Florence Lowe in 1892. Another daughter of Minnie's marriage to Merritt Lowe, Eva Lowe died at age 7.

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Just the Driver in the Car

I dreamed that the Lord and I were riding in a car
Together through the highways and byways of my life.
I was driving, but Christ sat on my right hand.
He had a brake on his side just like
The driver's education instructors have.

We didn't ride in a fancy car, it was just a Dodge!
But it was faithful.
Together we rode and talked together
Through many turns in my life.
We went through storms and sunshine.

We drove the Dodge through valleys, deserts,
Mountain ranges, bridges over water, and fertile plains.
There were times we sped 65 mph in heavy traffic,
And times we drove down isolated roads.
Sometimes we traveled unpaved paths to help the poor.

But the best times of all were when we slowed down,
Especially when we parked and stopped our work.
Even then we stayed in the car together,
Resting in Divine communion.

But something troubled me, as I looked back through my life.
I noticed the troubled times of trial, temptation,
Decision, conflict, and doubt when I called upon Christ to
Navigate. I saw just the driver in the car.
I asked the Lord, and I said, "You promised you would stay
With me always, then why in the troubled times of trial and
Decision do I see just the driver in the car?"

Jesus replied, "My child, I love you and would never forsake
You in your time of trouble. When you faced doubt and
Decision and saw just the driver in the car, it was then
That I was at the wheel driving. And you were in the
Backseat resting."

Just the driver in the car. Oh, yes I understand.
When I look back through troubles in my life
And see just the driver in the car,
It was then that Christ was driving me solo.
And I was resting in the back under his care.

Just the driver in the car!
Just the driver in the car!

By Alan T. Stokes 
March 9, 1989

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My Favorite 50 IPhone Apps of 2014

It's time again for my 5th Annual blog post on my favorite iPhone Apps.

This year I upgraded to an iPhone 6. Features of this year's post.

  • I have increased the list of favorite apps from 40 to 50.  
  • I have grouped the apps by the official category they are listed in within iTunes. 
  • If you click the link in the name it goes to the page to download the app in iTunes. 
  • Approximately 80% of the apps are FREE. If one wanted to purchase all of the apps that cost it would come to $36. Prices noted are subject to change.

Category: Books

Reformation Study Bible. ($9.99) This app provides the entire text of the Reformation Study Bible.

Category: Business

Jot Not Scanner Pro. ($.99) Turns one's phone into a portable scanner.

OWA. (FREE) This app helps people to access Microsoft Outlook 365 email from their phone.

Category: Catalogs

Craigslist Pro. (FREE) Helps one monitor Craigslist postings in multiple geographical areas.

Category: Games

Conquest. ($2.99) A game that is like classical Risk but with dozens of more worlds. 

Category: Education

RefNet. (FREE) This app is RefNet Christian radio. 

Category: Entertainment

Netflix. (FREE) This allows one to watch Netflix directly on their phone. Requires Netflix subscription.

Roku. (FREE) This app serves can serve as a remote control to Roku on one's television. It's perfect for whenever you have misplaced the original remote control for the Roku.

Category: Finance

BillMinder. ($1.99) This is a bill reminder and organizer.

Chase Mobile. (FREE) A useful app for Chase customers and one of the top rated banking apps.

MSUFCU: (FREE) A useful app for customers of Michigan State University Federal Credit Union.

Category: Health & Fitness

Health Mate. (FREE) This app is a steps tracker and life coach by Withings.

Water Lite. (FREE) This app allows one to track their water consumption during the day. 

Category: Lifestyle

Pocket Prayer Pro - A Prayer Journal. ($1.99) This is a prayer journal that one can use on their phone.

Shopper. (FREE)  This app allows one to create and share shopping lists with others.

University Reformed Church. (FREE) This is the official app for the University Reformed Church in East Lansing, Michigan. 

Category: Music

Tune In Radio Pro. ($9.99) This app helps one to listen to thousands of radio stations around the world from their phone.

Category: Navigation

Google Maps.(FREE) The app helps one navigate and does everything a GPS would.

Category: News

Drudge Report.  (FREE) This app provides links to news articles via The Drudge Report website.

Paper.  (FREE) This app shows stories from Facebook.

Reverb. (FREE)  This app is a personalized news discovery portal. 

Category: Photo & Video

YouTube. (FREE) This app helps one watch YouTube videos from their phone.

Category: Productivity

1Password. (FREE) This is a secure password manager.

AT & T DriveMode: (FREE) This app can save lives. It senses when you are driving and turns off the text on your phone. It will send an auto reply to people that you are driving and the drive mode can be turned off if the user is a passenger.

EasilyDo. (FREE) This app is an assistant for email, contacts, calendar, and travel. Premium subscription available and if you have Evernote premium there is a free 3 month trial of premium EasilyDo.

Evernote. (FREE)  This app helps one write and organize notes from their phone that are then synced and saved in their online Evernote account.

EZ Receipts. (FREE) This app is used to submit flexible spending health care receipts or claims to WageWorks.

GMail. (FREE)  This is the official GMail app for the iphone.

Groups. (FREE) This app helps one organize contacts by multiple groups.

Journal for Evernote. ($.99) This app improves Evernote by allowing one to add to a note throughout the day and then it syncs with Evernote at the end of the day into one note for the day.

Pocket Informant. (FREE)  This app is a powerful calendar and to do list that can be shared with others. It can be upgraded to the full premium version which is currently $14.99.

Toodledo. ($2.99) This app allows one to create and group to do lists and notes through the Toodledo program.

Category: Reference

Brainy Quote. (FREE)  Gives over 175,000 quotes from Brainy Quote to satisfy one's cravings for quotes.

GedView. ($3.99) This app allows a genealogist to save genealogy information on their phone.

The Holy Bible. (FREE)  This app is an excellent resource for one to read and search through the Bible on their phone.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary. (FREE) This app gives one access to the wealth of information on the Merriam-Websiter Dictionary. 

Category: Social Networking

Blogger. (FREE) This is the official Blogger app that can be used to review or update their blogs.

Evernote Hello. (FREE) This app helps one remember things about people they meet.  It works in conjunction with Evernote

Facebook. (FREE) This is the official Facebook app.

Find My Friends. (FREE) This app allows one to see the exact GPS location of friends or family member's phone at anytime once the other phone user has granted permission for that search.

Google+. (FREE)  This app is the official app for Google+ social media.

Instapray. (FREE) This is a social networking app to pray for people from around the world. 

Linkedin. (FREE) This is the official app for LinkedIn social network.

Twitter. (FREE) This is the official Twitter app.

Category: Sports

Yahoo Sports. (FREE)  This is a one stop sports app that will satisfy one's craving to monitor scores of games and the standings of their favorite teams.

Category: Travel

GasBuddy. (FREE) This app helps one find the cheapest gas prices in their area.

Yellow Pages Local Search. (FREE) This app serves as a portable Yellow Pages directory on one's phone. 

Category: Utilities

Chrome(FREE) This app helps one use the Chrome browser on phone for web surfing.

QRReader. (FREE) This app allows one to scan QR codes from their phone.

Category: Weather

Yahoo Weather. (FREE) This app helps one check the weather in their area or anywhere else around the world through their phone. 

The 2013, 2012, 2011 and 2010 lists are still available on The Light Stop blog by clicking the Label "IPhone".